Big Island, Hawaii: A Look Back at Where it All Began

Spinner dolphins off the coast of the Big Island, Hawaii

It’s been 5 months already since we left the U.S.A. so we decided to do a little throwback to where our wanderlust kicked off – Hawaii. Be gentle with us since our video making and editing skills were beginner level. (Who am I kidding? They are still beginner level.)

After 5 months of travel practice and 9 months of marriage practice, we’re reflective and grateful for all of the opportunities that have presented themselves during the span of our young, married lives. How many 20-something-year-olds have the opportunity to travel across the world? We know the answer is very few.

We have been blessed beyond measure and we’re so thankful for everyone who has been following diligently along with us through South East Asia. Sometimes I forget how cool that is that we’re IN South East Asia! A place I always dreamed of but never thought I’d actually see. There’s a lesson in that somewhere, probably. Something about never limiting yourself… I’ll leave it up to the reader to be insightful.

Hawaii was an incredible place to kick-start our life of traveling and I can’t believe all of the activities we packed into 2 short weeks. I loved every second of it! From the time I gashed open on my leg on our “White Road” death-journey to swimming alongside Hawaii’s native Spinner Dolphins – our time spent on the Big Island was unforgettable. Literally, unforgettable. The scar on my right thigh serves as a constant reminder. What’s a honeymoon without a few injuries, right?

Enjoy the video and stay tuned! There is much more to come. June 17th we fly back to the States and begin our epic Pacific Northwest Road Trip.

Travel Long & Prosper!

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