Hi, I’m Kristin! An adventure travel blogger from the Midwest.


Yeah, I know, there’s no such thing as adventure in the Midwest (unless you count floating on a pontoon boat with a can of Coors… I personally don’t). That’s why I fled my corn-fed town to pursue a life of true adventure!


Unfortunately it’s not as romantic as it sounds seeing as I’m uncoordinated, have vertigo and am constantly busting my a**. But it’s what I love to do!


So follow me as I pitch my broke-down, duct-taped tent across the globe in search of scenic hikes, hidden waterfalls, and creepy/cool abandoned places. #letsgetit


P.S. (Personal Shoutout) to Francis. Though you’ll rarely see him, he’s there… lurking creepily behind the camera. Jk. He’s my best friend, my camera crew, and my voice of “you can do it”, all wrapped into one perfect little bearded sushi roll. You the man, Francis!







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