We’re Francis and Kristin – the creators of Reckless Roaming.

What started out as no more than an web-diary has turned into a full-blown passion… And it all started with a simple question. The same question that plagues the masses – “What do you want to do with your life?”.

Whoah. That’s the big one, right?

If you had asked us 1 year ago, we would not have said “Travel the World”. Not because we didn’t want to. In fact, that’s all we wanted to do – but because it just isn’t a practical answer. It’s the answer of a child who is told they can “be anything they want to be”. Or so we thought.

So we toiled away at jobs we were less than happy with. We ignored the fact that, all along, we had the ability to decide our own futures because, well, that was just too big and scary to think about.

We worked, we complained. We allowed our crappy jobs to give us crappy attitudes and, in turn, cause us to behave like all-around crappy human-beings.

Until, one day – finally – we stopped and asked ourselves, “Why are we doing this? What are we working toward if not the one thing we want more than anything else?

So we made up an envelope – yes, an actual physical envelope – and started filling it with cash. All the extra cash we could muster. Every last penny.

“Do I want to see that movie? Or do I want to see elephants in Thailand?” Into the envelope it goes!

Then, finally, the day came. The envelope was full, our backpacks were packed and our hearts were set on adventure. It was almost surreal.ย It still is!

Tens of Thousands of miles later, we’re still roaming. We’re still finding locations we only ever dreamed we’d see. We can’t believe that what most people do once a year, we get to do every single day!

We wake up every day EXCITED to go to work. We’re excited to start our projects, deliver our content, and open our website to see e-mails and comments from our most favorite people (ahem, YOU! Our viewers).

Every day feels like a brand new adventure – and we’re so happy that we get to share that adventure with all of you. We want to be the ones to encourage you to live out your dream, just like we did! We want to show you that it is possible. It’s not just the hope of a seven-year-old who doesn’t know the difference between a job and a hobby.

So follow along with us! Get excited, get inspired and find out how you, too, can live your travel dreams.

Travel Long & Prosper!






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