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19 Life-Hacking Camping Items for 2019

The Best Camping Gear of 2019

Winter is finally coming to a close, which can only mean one thing: Time to stock up on some new camping gear!

2019 has brought with it some of the best, most innovative new camping items. Honestly, these products are for everybody – even people who think they’ve got all the gear they need, already. (Laughs) Boy, are you wrong!

I’ve got gear to make your camping days cooler, warmer, easier, more entertaining, more relaxing – the list goes on. Basically any camping struggles you have will be solved in this very easy to read, and entertaining post. (Are my subliminal messages coming through?)

So without further ado, here are the best, new camping gear items of 2019!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Anything you purchase using one of my links earns me a small monetary kickback at NO extra cost to you. Of course I only link to products that I believe to be useful and good quality. If you want more information on affiliate links, click here.

2 in 1 Solar Lantern and Phone Charger - New 2019 Camping Gear

1. Two-In-One Solar Lantern & Phone Charger

It’s waterproof, packs flat, has 100 hours of battery life, and can charge up via USB OR sunlight. This lantern works perfect for typical camp life as well as emergency situations (as it has an SOS function) making it the perfect addition to your camping gear collection!

Wanting a smaller solar lantern? LUCI makes a great, inflatable lantern! It doesn’t charge your phone but it’s still waterproof, solar-powered, and wonderfully handy to have around a dark campsite.

Teva Ember Moc Camping Slipper

2. Teva Camping Slippers

Perfect for those late-night bathroom trips or fireside conversations, these water-resistant outdoor slippers will keep your feet nice and toasty! They slip on, have a collapsible heel, and feel like a warm hug. There is no downside to these slippers! My pair are well loved and, not gonna lie, sometimes I even wear them out to the store – so they’re definitely not exclusive to camping!

Zippo Hand Warmer - 2019 Best Camping Gear

3. Zippo Hand Warmer

For those of us with extremely cold extremities, this is a camping-gear game changer! I have to sit on my hands to get them warm and even then it sometimes doesn’t work. The Zippo hand warmer is perfect for warming up my little finger-cicles.

NOTE: For a sleeping-bag-friendly warm-up option, try Hot Hands!

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker - Best Camping Gear of the year

4. Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker

Can’t live without caffeine? Well, that’s pretty extreme – but it’s okay! It’s 2019 ya’ll, no reason to suffer! You can now take your espresso with you wherever you go, because The Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker comes with a protective case and weighs less than 1 lb!

What I love most about this idea is that it’s small enough to take into the backcountry, meaning you could be soaking in world class views while soaking in your daily dose of caffeine. Obviously the perfect addition to any coffee-lovers’ gear list.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel and Camping Pillow

5. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

Let’s face it, most camping pillows suck. Nobody wants to lay their head on something that feels like an over-inflated balloon. The Thermarest pillow is different. It feels just as good, if not better, than your pillows at home AND it packs down (hence the compressible part) to 1/4 of it’s size. Made from the same high-quality foam used to create Therm-a-Rest mattresses, this is the best and comfiest camping pillow on the market!

Survival Paracord Bracelet, disassembles into over 5 feet of chord - 2019 Camping Gear Guide

6. Survival Paracord Bracelet

Friendship bracelets, anyone? These paracord bracelets unravel into over 5 feet of cord, so whether you’re tying up food, fixing broken straps, or securing loose items, they’ve got you covered!

7. Nite Ize SlapLit LED Drink Wrap

This is probably my favorite new gear item of 2019. Perfect for car camping or backcountry camping, these drink wraps slap onto your drink (just like those awesome slap bracelets from your childhood) and light up so you stop knocking over drinks in the dark. They also double as a cozy!

BONUS: They come in your choice of Blue, Red or Green.

Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller - an alternative to bug spray to add to your camping gear collection

8. Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller

Tell your skin to say goodbye to nasty bug spray, and let this cool, tech-y repeller do the work instead! It’s scent-free, DEET-free, flame-free, and covers a 15 foot area. It’s essential a portable force field. Which is pretty freaking cool. Trust me, your friends will thank you for bringing this along on your next camping trip!

Life Straw Water Filtration Water Bottle, filters 99.9999% of bacteria and parasites - Best Camping Gear 2019

9. Lifestraw Water Bottle

This may not be “new” but some camping gear stands the test of time, and the Lifestraw is something no true adventurer can go without! It filters out 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and parasites, giving you clean water anywhere you go. Even though I pack water on every backpacking trip, I always bring my Lifestraw as a backup.

Portable Backpacking and Camping Chair

10. Portable Camping Chair

Sitting on rocks and logs can be fun sometimes, but sometimes your butt just misses a good chair. These portable, lightweight camping chairs are perfect for car camping and picnics. Even backpacking is possible due to their small size and only 2 lb weight (including the carry case).

Chill Pal Cooling Towel - Perfect for hot camping days

11. Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Sometimes, especially during the day, camping can heat up! And unless you’re into really fancy car camping, you probably don’t have endless frozen peas to put on your forehead. But fear not! Chill Pal has the solution. These handy little towels require only water to activate the chill. So just dunk it in the river, wring it out, and you’re good to go!

Fugoo Tough Outdoor Waterproof, Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker - the perfect addition to any camping gear list

12. Fugoo Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

I’ve tried a lot of outdoor speakers and there is absolutely no contest. Fugoo is the ultimate in outdoor, rugged speakers. With a battery life of 40 hours, Bluetooth and AUX capabilities, completely waterproof and shockproof design, and just an overall cool look, this is the ultimate gear item to add to your packing list come camping season.

UCO Five piece mess kit - perfect for packed lunches and camping meals

13. UCO Five Piece Mess Kit

I can’t rave enough about this lunch kit. It’s made from 90 percent natural materials, seals airtight (for food transport), weighs only 1 pound, can easily clip onto your gear, it’s BPA free AND dishwasher safe. Need I say more? Because I can. It’s also utterly adorable-looking and doubles perfectly as a takeout or packed lunch container. Now you’re sold!

Good Wipes - Useful camping gear to keep you feeling fresh wherever your tent travels take you

14. Good Wipes

Never leave home without ’em. Seriously. Showering in backcountry campsites is not only a pain in the butt, it’s also not super eco-friendly (no matter how well you abide by LNT guidelines).

Good Wipes are the best way to stay fresh in the forest, or desert, or wherever camping takes you. Just remember to pack them out!

NOTE: They also make Good Wipes “Down There Wipes” for men and women! Gents, find them here. Ladies, find them here.

Dry Shampoo for Camping

15. Dry Shampoo

Okay, at first blush I thought this was a weird and gross idea. But after a week without access to a shower I purchased my first bottle, and my dry shampoo and I have been inseparable ever since. This is a must have for any long-term backcountry camper and, despite what you may think, it’s not JUST for women. Guys, you can get unscented dry shampoo here, or dry shampoo specifically for men, here.

16. Inflatable Lounger/Raft (!?)

As if having what is essentially a portable sofa isn’t cool enough – this thing actually floats on water. So now you can lounge by land or sea!

It’s extremely light weight and made to be durable, so it’s perfect for camping, picnics, festivals and beach days.

Ceiling Light for Tent Camping - Best New Camping Gear 2019

17. Suaoki Solar Powered Ceiling Light

If you’re like me and still read good ole’ fashion paperbacks while camping, this ceiling light is a must have! This little LED light is super bright and can hook to the ceiling of your tent. You can charge it via USB, but it also comes equipped with solar panels. If you haven’t realized this by now, I’m all about that solar.

Storm Proof Lighter (UCO)

18. UCO Stormproof Lighter

This one kind of speaks for itself! A storm proof lighter (or at the very least, some storm-proof matches) are a must-have camping gear item for any trip!

Matador Pocket Blanket - Perfect for Camping, Picnics, and Beach Days

19. Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

In case the name didn’t give it away, this compact blanket is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet it folds out to a 63″ by 44″ blanket! It’s also water resistant, tear resistant, and cushioned enough to protect you from all of Mother Nature’s ouchies (rocks, twigs, etc). This is super handy to have on any camping adventure, big or small!




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