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10 Female Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Splashing around in Lake Kintla, Glacier National Park

Instagram. Such a beautiful and confusing place.

I used to think it was just a place of self-promotion and not exactly worth my time and effort. Typically, I would just post something and run. I was like the Phantom of the Insta.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered what a cool place Instagram really is. Frustrating at times, sure – but cool!

It’s a great place to connect with people and to see the world, as the cliche goes, “through another’s eyes”.

Not only that, but Instagram is slowly but surely evolving into a place where people share their stories, their feelings and their passions. It’s no longer acceptable to just drop a photo and go. People want to hear about where you were, how it was, and, preferably, something hilarious or embarrassing that happened while you were there. It’s actually a lot more work than you would think – and it doesn’t work out so well if you’re a “closed book”.

I just started really exploring on Instagram and I was totally blown away by how well my fellow female travelers have mastered the art of photography and story-telling. You can search through their account and almost feel like you’re reading a letter from a friend. You sometimes have feelings of “Ugh, I can so relate!” or “WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO HER?” and then you realize you actually don’t know this person, but it totally feels like you do!

That is an artform, I think. To be able to expose your true self and have hundreds or thousands of people rooting for you or relating to you. That is a pretty spectacular thing!

I feel these expert Instagrammers deserve some big-time recognition. So without further ado, here are 10 traveling ladies that are killing it on Instagram!

1. Mallory @Hello_Mallory

This account is so easy to fall in love with! Mallory is an expert hiker who has totally mastered the art of capturing the beauty of North America – AND totally mastered the art of chilling in a hammock (a girl after my own heart).

She’s up to any task and makes her hikes look like a total breeze, but that doesn’t mean she claims to be perfect. She isn’t afraid to share her struggles and weak moments and her authenticity is part of what makes her account such a hit!

It’s nice to know my favorite female Instagram fiends have their moments, too – and overcome them like total bosses! What could be more inspiring than that?

2. Kiersten @TheBlondeAbroad

If you’ve searched travel videos on YouTube you’ve almost definitely come across the Blonde Abroad!

Her videos are artistic and unique and her Instagram account is no exception. Partying at Burning Man, feeding giraffes, scuba diving in Mozambique and watching the sunrise over a volcano.

Yeah… no big deal. Only the coolest experiences you could ever imagine!

If travel inspiration is what you’re after, this account will never leave you wanting.

3. Kelsey @Milesofsmiles._

Kelsey is an English teacher currently living in Vietnam and capturing the warmth and color in every country she visits. Whether she’s exploring temples, sipping tropical drinks, or floating on a bamboo raft, her time off work is never wasted.

Each photo is beautiful and unique and they’re all taken on her father’s 11-year-old Canon. Pretty impressive I think! She’s proof that you don’t have to be a trust-fund kid or sponsored photographer to see the world. You just have to have the desire.

And if you’re planning a trip to South East Asia (who isn’t?) who better to get your inspiration from than someone who’s explored every corner? She knows where to shop, where to eat, and most importantly, where to snap the best, most Instagrammable photos.

4. Tara @WhereisTarablog

Tara is capturing colorful beauty all over the world – and I do mean all over! Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Finland, France and pretty soon Rwanda. Holy wow. That’s the life itinerary I aspire to have someday!

Her account is bright and bold and after a long day of Instagram, her straight forward personality will leave you feeling super refreshed!

I have to agree with her comment, “the world is a colorful place”. And speaking of color, let’s not fail to note how awesome her hair is in this photo!

5. Jenna @ThePathLessWandered

Soft blues, warm coastlines and rugged ruins. Each photo from this account is like a scene straight out of my best travel dreams!

Jenna is traveling through places many people couldn’t even place on a map (sad, but true) and managing to find unique places in each one. Bosnia-Herzegovina (try pronouncing that without a YouTube tutorial), Croatia and Slovenia. Why weren’t these obscure countries on my bucket list before now?

She finds beauty no matter where she goes! That’s why I love this Instagram account and why I’m so excited for her travel blog to come out –!

6. Claire @foreverchasingwanderlust

Spa day in New Zealand? Check!

Hiking 9 miles up a mountain? Also, check!

This girl does it all from wilderness to 5-star and her photos are unbelievable. Seriously, her journey through Antarctica will absolutely blow your mind!

Not to mention, I’m totally obsessed with this rainbow / unicorn photo. I know I can’t be the only one!

A post shared by Carlinn (@campsbaygirl) on

7. Carlinn @Campsbaygirl

Sunsets, sand, clear water and coastlines. Every photo from this account just screams romantic getaway!

Carlinn has a gift for capturing serenity and warmth in each photo she takes. Whether she’s in the middle of a desert or at a 5 star resort, her photography skills are totally on fire! Kind of like her Lightroom presets that I maybe but definitely did download and fall in love with.

She is a true artist – and it shows through her beautiful edits and her innate ability to capture and play with light.

8. Andrea @Vagabondhearts

A true adventuress! Andrea is climbing to heights that would leave the average person with some serious vertigo.

You’ll often find her sitting on a mountaintop or walking across ridge lines. She says she’s “married to the mountains”, which might just be accurate! Thousands of feet above sea level and staring out at beautiful views seems to be where she feels most at home.

She explores all over but most commonly, she’s mapping out her own country – Canada. And being a Canadian girl myself, of course I’m loving those snow capped mountains and glacier blue lakes!

9. Christine @Tourdelust

Exploring the worlds most picturesque places and always dressed to the nines! Christine has found the perfect balance between travel and style, and it definitely shows through her gorgeous photography.

I mean really, look at this photo from the Sahara! Does that not look like something out of a luxury travel magazine?

From paragliding, to desert hikes, to chilling with beach flamingos. Every photo will make you say, “Why am I not there?” Or at the very least, “Where did she get that outfit?”

A post shared by Elise 🚁 (@roundtheworldgirl) on

10. Elise @Roundtheworldgirl

It’s all in the name! Elise is capturing beauty and excitement all around the world.

The diversity of her photography is absolutely captivating. The perspective is always unique and the adventures are always enticing .

She’s a girl living on the edge. Canyoneering, cliff jumping, skiing and piloting choppers – some may say she’s an adrenaline junkie… I say she’s got life all figured out!




There are so many other accounts that I love and so many more to discover!

Have a favorite female Instagram account of your own? Share the love and comment it below!


  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying about instagram. I’m just learning to really enjoy it too and I am always happy to find new and truly inspiring accounts. Your account is pretty fantastic, too, btw 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!
    x, Juliet

    1. Aw thanks so much! You rock for saying that 🙂
      Glad you’re learning to enjoy it! I used to hate it and now it has become my absolute favorite place to post <3

  2. These are great! I love the sense of community you can build on Instagram. Also look for some serious travel inspiration

    1. Yes! I totally agree. It’s so awesome the friendships you can make. I’m actually meeting up with a couple in B.C. soon to do some hiking, and we first connected via Insta. Who woulda thought?

  3. Hi! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. Now i am absolutely enjoying your blog and look toward new posts.

    1. Thanks so much! I sure do – It’s just 🙂

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