^ Said the most boring introduction, ever.

That’s me. In the picture below. Oh, and I rarely show my face in pictures – so get used to the mood shots.



New Here?



I know what you’re thinking. This looks kinda like a travel blog. And, I’ll admit you’re like 45% right.

(Cue the groaning.)

I know, I know. How many travel blogs does the world really need?


I created this website for a specific purpose. I’m not here to promote hotels that I stayed in for free, push crappy products that I haven’t even tried, recommend activities that can easily be found on TripAdvisor, or to write about places or things I know absolutely nothing about.

[So basically, I’m already better than like 80% of bloggers on the internet…. I should probably also note that I have no filter.]

But more seriously, what I wanted was to combine the two things I love most in the world: Travel and Outdoors, with a slight 5% emphasis on ‘outdoors’ (Wow! for someone who didn’t go to college, this girl really loves percentages!). My opinion is that the best way to see the world is to go out in it and… well, see it.


is simply this:



When I started this blog, I was a depressingly unqualified newb who barely knew how to put up a tent. And now? Well, not to toot my own horn, but I’ve climbed the ladder all the way up to “pretty mediocre”. Impressive, eh?

Okay, I may not be an expert outdoorswoman (is that even a word? It should be.) but every bit of information I learn along the way, I share on here. So not only do you get to learn yourself some outdoor knowledge (wow, her grammar is terrible), you also get to hear bits and pieces of my embarrassing failures along the way. Fun, right?

And it works out. Because this website isn’t for the experts. It’s for the people, like me, who love Netflix and nacho nights. People who don’t have a few thousand to spend on lavish vacations with guided tours. People who work normal jobs and so, yeah, they have some extra meat on their thighs.

You know, NORMAL people, who are somehow still seriously under-represented in society.


What I write about on my website always has to meet 4 basic requirements:

1. Is it affordable?

Almost everything I write about is free, or at the very least, affordable. I don’t do luxury travel. Why? Because 90% of people can’t do luxury travel.

2. Is it doable for the average person?

I like to pick activities that just about anyone can do. Sure, every now and then I’ll write about some crazy long hike because I felt like pushing myself that day. But if I can do it with zero training, so can you! (Though I do recommend the training… unless you, too, want to lose a toenail.)

3. Is it environmentally safe?

Also incredibly important to me. No I’m not some crazy PETA person. I’m also not anti-hunting (I live in I-D-A-H-O and I’m sick of hitting deer with my car) and I’m not vegan (not that anything is wrong with it. Plenty of cool-ass vegans out there). But I do care deeply about the preservation of this beautiful planet. I enjoy the benefits of it on a daily basis, so the least I can do is be respectful of the critters (great and small) and abide by Leave-No-Trace guidelines.

4. Is it worth getting off the couch for?

Last but NOT least. You’re not going to get out of bed or shut off your 12th consecutive episode of Breaking Bad for just anything. Which is why I ONLY hit up the good stuff. Hot springs, secret beaches, abandoned places, hidden waterfalls – the list goes on. Sounds pretty great, right?

AND BONUS: I tell a lot of jokes, use a ton of sarcasm, and like 30% of the time, I’m actually a little bit funny.

So stick around (not to be that person, but you can always subscribe in the side bar for once-per-week, maximum, updates ^) and let’s redefine “outdoorsy” together.

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