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Kristin Quinn

  • A view of Silica Dome in Valley of Fire State Park

    20 Magical Photos of the Valley of Fire

    Fiery sunsets, stunning wildlife and color-streaked landscapes. Take a visual tour of Nevada's stunning State Park - The Valley of Fire.…

  • fun unique gifts for valentines day

    19 Fun And Outdoorsy Valentine’s Gifts for Her

    Valentine's Day is all about the romance, but not all girls love ribboned teddy bears and a dozen roses. Say bye-bye to the usual cheaply made, overpriced Valentine's Day crap. Switch…

  • Zion National Park at Sunset

    7 Epic and Easy Hikes in Zion National Park

    Zion National Park draws some of the most extreme adventurers. With well-known hikes like The Subway and Angel's Landing, this park may seem a little daunting - but not to fear!…

  • Climbing giant rocks in Death Valley National Park

    A Complete Guide to Death Valley National Park

    With over 3 million acres of space and little likelihood of cell service, it’s important to have your ducks in a row before heading out into the desert. Here's your complete…

  • Vitamins and Travel : What you need

    Vitamins & Travel: What You Need and Why

    Vitamins are a pain, but they're essential. Especially when you're traveling. Find out which vitamins you need and why you need them on your travels.…

  • Outdoor Adventures Near Las Vegas

    5 Incredible Outdoor Adventures Near Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is an exciting city with no shortage of entertainment. But when the bright lights, constant traffic and Magic Mike shows start to get old, there's nothing like an outdoor…