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19 Fun And Outdoorsy Valentine’s Gifts for Her

fun unique gifts for valentines day

Valentine’s Day is all about that romance and is quickly becoming one of the corniest holidays in existence. Some girls love the heart-shaped jewelry and future dust collectors (a.k.a. stuffed bears wearing red ribbons) but for the outdoor girl, Valentine’s gifts can be a little… bleh.

Lackluster. Boring. Unnecessary. And, yes, tacky.

But don’t be disheartened! (Pun intended.) This holiday of love, think outside the box. Don’t fall for the never-ending bombardment of ads with smiling, beautiful people (not every kiss MUST begin with Kay…). Instead, get your special someone something they’ll really love with one of these unique, useful and just plain cool Valentine’s Day gifts.

Seriously. Even the most cynical Valentine’s-Day-Hater will go crazy over this stuff.

So if you’re ready to stick it to the man by refusing to pay for the usual cheaply made, overpriced Valentine’s Day crap (while simultaneously making your life partner deliriously happy) let’s get to the gifts!


NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Anything you purchase using one of my links earns me a small monetary kickback at NO extra cost to you. Of course I only link to products that I believe to be useful and good quality. If you want more information on affiliate links, click here.

1. This Instagram-Friendly Tin Mug

The ideal situation: Sitting outside on a breezy morning, wrapped in a cozy blanket, sipping coffee, overlooking a gorgeous mountain-scape. All alone, with her thoughts… And her awesome, new tin mug that you got her for Valentine’s Day.

2. This Epic, Candy-Themed Snow Tube

Okay, seriously. Could there be a more fun gift than this? Not only is it an excuse to relive the glory days and go sledding, it’s unbelievably adorable and would be virtually impossible not to enjoy.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to buy off this gift list, this is the one. Seriously. When in doubt, choose the floaty. Chicks dig floaties.

3. Some Sturdy Snow Shoes

If you’ve still got some snow left, buy her (and yourself, if you haven’t already) some new snow shoes! Snow shoeing is the perfect hobby to get into together and a good motivator for getting outdoors on those cold wintery days. If you’re feeling bold enough, you could even snow shoe your way out to a scenic spot and have a little cold-weather picnic! It’s more fun than it sounds, I swear.

4. The Most Comfortable Cabin Socks

I know as kids we all hated getting socks as a gift, but as adults it’s pretty much the ideal situation. There’s no better feeling than putting on a new pair of socks, especially during these bitter-cold months, and these socks are both adorable and functional. They’re Smart Wool, the absolute best material for hiking, and they’re now available in cute “cabin-style” patterns.

5. A Blanket That’s Just as Tough as it is Cozy

A cozy blanket that can withstand the elements.

Whether she’s into mountain treks, desert camping, beach bonfires or just lounging in the backyard, this Rumpl blanket is absolutely unbeatable. Weather resistant, water resistant, dirt resistant, and just so toasty-warm! Not to mention, it rolls up super tiny so you can take it with you absolutely anywhere.

A warm blanket is always a good gift. Always.

6. This Gorgeous Map to Document Her Adventures

What better way to start the new year than with new travel goals?

This Valentines day, plan and get excited about your future adventures together. See how many states you can visit in 2018, scratch them off, and hang this gorgeous map on your wall as a reminder of all the memories made.

7. These Romantic Outdoor String Lights

If she has an Instagram or Pinterest account, string lights are definitely on her list of must-haves. They make any campsite ultra cozy and romantic (not to mention so photogenic). You can’t lose with these.

PRO TIP: An even cooler way to give this gift – Set the lights up in her backyard or at a remote camp spot that you’ve decked out with comfy pillows and blankets (depending on the weather). Have food and drink ready and congratulations. You’ve just won Valentine’s Day.

8. The Ultimate Hammock for Chillin’

What’s more romantic than snuggling up together in a hammock? Nothing. And there isn’t a better, more popular brand out there right now than ENO.

If you’ve seen a hammock photo recently on Instagram, I can almost guarantee you it’s an ENO. They are stylish, comfortable, durable, and come in a bunch of different color combinations. And of course, as with all products I recommend, they’re super compact!

You can’t go wrong with this gift. Hammocks are all the rage these days.

9. These Cozy Outside-Friendly Slippers

These are the ultimate camp shoes. Cozy, warm and waterproof. Perfect for relaxing around the campfire or for those middle-of-the-night trips when nature calls.

The official website describes them as “part slipper, part sleeping bag” and that couldn’t be more accurate. It’s basically like slipping on a pair of marshmallows – but less sticky and gross. Trust me, this gift is guaranteed to be a winner.

NOTE: Available for girls AND guys. No need for anyone to feel left out.

10. This Genius, Collapsible Lantern That’s Powered by the Sun

Nothing says ‘romantic camping trip’ like a little mood lighting, am I right?

Yes, of course I am.

Which is why this incredible little solar-powered lantern is the perfect gift. It folds down completely flat, it’s entirely waterproof, and requires ZERO batteries with a burn time of up to 18 HOURS. You can’t really beat that.

11. The Gift of Warm Hands

I know there has to be more women out there, like me, with chronic finger-cicles (icicle fingers). If your loved one struggles with this terrible misfortunate, you can ease her suffering. This Zippo hand warmer is perfect for those cold, winter nights (or just regular nights, if she’s anything like me) and will keep her appendages nice and toasty with just the flick of a finger(cicle).

12. The Gift of Caffeine On-The-Go

Does she love good coffee almost as much as she loves being outdoors? Cafflano has the solution. This portable coffee maker is super compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

Imagine hiking to a secluded hot spring early in the morning before anyone else arrives, nestling in for a good soak, and making freshly brewed coffee right there next to you. That’s how perfect your life could be. (No extra charge for epic date ideas.)


13. A Pass to Unlimited Adventures

The new year is all about new adventures, and what better place to adventure than in some of our own National Parks?

With the America the Beautiful pass, you (and up to 3 people inside your vehicle) can enter any U.S. National Park for free. Set some goals together, tick some items off your bucket list, and get exploring!

14. The Cutest Little Beanie

If she doesn’t have a pom-pom beanie by now, it’s about time she has one. These hats are so cute and warm, it’s the ideal gift to help her power through this last bit of winter (and look adorable while doing it). The grey one is definitely my favorite and has pretty much gone all over the U.S. with me, warming my oversized head the entire way. Bless you, little beanie.

15. A Life-Proof Speaker

Perfect for those cozy, romantic campfire nights or your future summer float trips, this speaker can handle water, sand, snow – basically whatever life throws at it. Plus, she’s 100% guaranteed to love it.

Every girl loves to jam. And if she doesn’t – find a new girlfriend. Something isn’t right with this one.

16. A Cool, Vintage-y Camera

No matter how “impractical” they may be, Polaroid cameras are just plain fun! Plus, they make them so cute it would be basically impossible not to enjoy using it.

Take some goofy or cool photos with her, or you could even take some stupid ones beforehand to gift along with the camera. Perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Side Note: Taking a photo of your polaroid photo is kind of “in” on Instagram right now, so… this may be her favorite gift ever.

17. This Super-Powered Power Pack

For the girl who can’t part with her laptop, there is no better power pack on the market!

Seriously. I challenge you to find one better and/or cooler than this one. A must-have for any techie on the go.

18. The World’s Coziest Sweater

Nothing says “I love you” like the warm embrace of a fuzzy sweater, and these sherpa sweaters from True-Grit are the fuzziest of the fuzzy!

This gift has all 3 of the essential C’s. Cozy, comfortable and cute. If your February’s are as cold as mine are, you couldn’t find a better gift if you tried.

TIP: If she’s not into long sleeves, the sherpa vest (pictured left) is an incredibly cute alternative.

19. The Cutest Rain Boots

Rain boots have been notoriously ugly and awkward-looking for decades, but no longer! Hunter makes the cutest rain boots known to humankind and with spring rapidly approaching, this gift is not only adorable but also incredibly practical. So, bonus points!



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